Delaware Car Dealers

When it comes to cars, Indians across the U.S. tend to buy in a similar fashion.

Be they Gujaratis, Tamils, Telugus, Bengalis, Mallus or Punjabis, Indians generally gravitate toward Japanese cars.

Go to any Indian function, Hindu Temple, Church or Gurdwara in Delaware, New Jersey or any other state, you will find mostly Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas and a few Lexus cars and SUVs in the parking lot.

In the Indian mind, you can't go wrong with a Japanese car.

Lexus Car

Some 10 years back, wealthy Indian doctors, businessmen and scientists invariably tended to buy a Toyota Camry or Avalon, but now their choice is for high-end cars like Lexus.

For the convenience of Indians living in Wilmington, Newark, Bear, Hockessin and New Castle, we list below a few dealers selling Japanese cars.

Porter Nissan
303 East Cleveland Ave
Newark, DE 19711
Ph: 302-368-6300

Martin Honda
298 East Cleveland Ave
Newark, DE 19711
Ph: 888-485-9852

Newark Toyota World
230 East Cleveland Ave
Newark, DE 19711
Ph: 302-368-6262

Lexus of Wilmington
2100 Pennsylvania Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19806
Ph: 1-800-456-5398