Finding Kimchi in Delaware

I love all things Korean.

I spend my waking hours watching Korean movies like I Saw the Devil, Berlin File, Yellow Sea etc and TV shows on Viki such as Incarnation of Money, My Love from the Stars, Shark, Hotel King, and Fated to Love.

So it's no surprise I should love Kimchi or Soju.

If you ask me, God so loved Koreans that he bestowed his greatest culinary invention Kimchi only on those blessed people.

What is Kimchi

Rich in Vitamin A and C, Kimchi is a fermented dish made from napa cabbage, radish, spices and other mysterious ingredients.

Kimchi is considered a source of good gut bacteria.

There are several varieties of Kimchi but I've had only one variety (what I call vanilla Kimchi).

Be warned though that Kimchi has an off-putting smell.

Kimchi in Delaware

In Delaware, my search for Kimchi took me to three places: King Buffet, Old Town Buffet and Wang's Oriental Food.

Here is my take on the three Kimchis I've tasted in Delaware:

King Buffet Kimchi
Kimchi at King Buffet is offered as one of the sides as part of their lunch and dinner buffet.

Kimchi in Delaware
Kimchi - King Buffet, Dover

King Buffet's Kimchi included Cabbage, sliced Carrots, Green Onion and came with a thin gravy with crushed red peppers.

It is yummy, fresh and much relished both as a salad and a side.

Old Town Buffet Kimchi
At Old Town Buffet on the road to Camden, the heat from the red chilies overwhelmed the flavor of cabbage and other ingredients.

Also, the Kimchi wasn't fermented enough for my tastebuds.

Though not in the same league as King Buffet Kimchi, Old Town Buffet version was still not a bad deal.

The advantage of eating Kimchis at the Chinese buffet restaurants is that you can eat as much as your stomach can hold.
Kimchi in Delaware
Kimchi - Old Town Buffet, Dover

Wang's Oriental Food Kim Chee
Priced at $1.59 for a small plastic box, Kim Chee at Wang's Oriental Food was stored in frozen food section.

Kimchi in Delaware
Wang's Oriental Food, Newark

It included Cabbage, sliced Carrots and Green Onion.

It had a clear gravy like water with crushed red chilli floating in it.

But the big minus was that it packed a strong smell of chemical preservatives unlike the King Buffet version that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Here's where you can buy Kimchi in Delaware:
293 N. Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901

Rodney Village Shopping Center
1646 S. Governors Ave
Dover, DE 19904

2515 Kirkwood Hwy
Newark, DE 19711

Wang's Oriental Food Store
276 E Main Street
Newark, DE 19711

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