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I Don't Give a Fork
Rodney Square
Wilmington, DE 19801

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I Don't Give a Fork Wilmington

I Don't Give a Fork, Wilmington DE : Decent Vegetarian Hoagie, Medicore Jalapeno Poppers

During my visit to Rodney Square, I couldn't help noticing that I Don't Give a Fork food truck enjoyed a steady stream of customers.

Maybe, it has something to do with the name of the truck. Cute, isn't it?

Since I was in a Vegetarian mood, I placed an order for The Vegetarian (comes on a 7-inch hoagie) and Jalapeno Poppers.

I Don't Give a Fork Wilmington Menu © DelawareIndia.com
I Don't Give a Fork Menu

Vegetarian Hoagie

In less than five minutes, my items were ready.

My Vegetarian hoagie included grilled Zucchni, Eggplant, Onions, Roasted Red Peppers and Hummus.

The hoagie was well toasted.

It packed a nice flavor and much relished. Way better than my usual Hoagie at the Wawa gas stations.

However, I consider $5.50 for a Vegetarian Hoagie Sandwich pricey for a food truck.

Aren't food trucks supposed to be cheaper?

I Don't Give a Fork Wilmington Vegetarian Sandwich © DelawareIndia.com
Vegetarian Sandwich - $5.50
Jalapeno Paupers - $3.50

Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers belonged in the mediocre category.

Sure they were hot temperature wise but I found them a little over-fried and the cheese inside packed a slightly bitter taste.

Also, the $3.50 tab for five pieces of Jalapeno Poppers is a rip-off price for a food truck.

The ones I used to get at the Walmart deli were much cheaper and only slightly worse than this food truck Jalapeno Poppers. - © DelawareIndia.com

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