Semo's Food Cart Wilmington

Semo's Food Cart
1001 Jefferson St
Wilmington, DE 19801

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Semo's Food Cart Wilmington

Semo's Food Cart, Wilmington DE : Disappointing Lamb Over Rice

Compared to the hundreds of food carts that litter New York City, Wilmington is a wasteland with barely two or three carts.

Semo's Food Cart at the corner of Jefferson St and Delaware Ave in downtown Wilmington is one of the few food carts in the city.

Among the items offered by Semo's Food Cart are beef hot dogs, beef hot sausage, chicken over rice, lamb over rice and, lamb and chicken gyros.

Semo's Food Cart ©
Semo's Food Cart on Jefferson St in Wilmington

Lamb Over Rice - $7.50

During a recent visit to the cart, I ordered Lamb over Rice, the priciest item on the menu pasted on the cart.

I was hoping for a sumptuous serving size with decent taste.

Alas, there were multiple issues with my Lamb over rice.

Lamb Over Rice ©
Lamb over Rice - $7.50

First, Semo's Lamb over Rice had more Lettuce Salad than Lamb and Rice.

Besides the small serving size for the price, Semo's Lamb over Rice suffered from other problems.

The lamb was not well seasoned and chewy.

Despite the White and hot sauce seasoning, the Lamb over Rice was below par in taste.

Perhaps, I should have asked for an additional squirt of the hot sauce.

There was too little lamb compared to the rice and salad.

My box also included a few pieces of Tomato, and Bell Pepper.

In retrospect, I felt my pick was a mistake and that I should have gone for Falafel over Rice or a Chicken Gyro.

During my visit, the two blokes in the cart wore a scowl and did not seem to be in a pleasant mood.

If Wilmington food carts serve such below par food, I'm glad Wilmington does not have many of them. - ©

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