Old Town Buffet Dover

Old Town Buffet

1646 S. Governors Ave
Dover, DE 19904

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Old Town Buffet Dover restaurant

Old Town Buffet Dover, DE : Go for the Sushis

Chinese buffets in Delaware are generally a triumph of quantity over quality.

The sheer variety of items and the low price makes you rub your eyes in disbelief.

Old Town Buffet Ambiance © DelawareIndia.com

For quantity-minded folks, Chinese buffet restaurants seem like one of God's few gifts to Delawareans.

Where else but at a Chinese buffet can you get a choice of 50 plus items including several kinds of Sushi and six or seven varieties of ice cream for a mere $6.99.

But the flip side of Chinese buffets is that, with rare exceptions, the food seldom leaves you spellbound.

I'm not complaining because no one ever goes to a Chinese buffet expecting a Michelin-grade restaurant.

I've been to Szechuan Buffet (Wilmington), King Buffet (Dover), Chinatown Buffet (Dover), Hibachi Buffet (Newark), East West Buffet (Middletown) and recently Old Town Buffet (Dover).

Except for the decor and the address, there's not that big a difference in the food.

Old Town Buffet

I recently dropped by Old Town buffet in Dover to try the food there.

Old Town Buffet is located on S.Governor's Ave (off RT-13) in the same complex as Ollie's and Harbor Frieght tools shop.

Old Town Buffet Appetizers © DelawareIndia.com
Sesame Ball, Chicken on Stick, Spinach & Cheese etc

Because of its proximity to the Dover Air Base, Old Town Buffet attracts a stream of air force personnel.

I dug into several items during my visit.

Mostly, I was disappointed.

Old Town Buffet Entrees © DelawareIndia.com
Honey Chicken, Noodles etc

Malaysian Chicken had little flavor to it.

Not in the least bit spicy, it was an affront.

Chicken on a stick was cold and flavorless.

Hot and Sour Soup was the same gooey stuff it is at most Chinese restaurants.


I was in ecstasy when I spotted Kimchi, the foul-smelling Korean favorite.

Kimchi is an eternal favorite of mine.

Kimchi in Delaware
Korean Dish Kimchi

But that too had gone a bit awry at Old Town buffet.

At Old Town Buffet, red chilies overwhelmed the flavor of cabbage and other ingredients.

I was also not pleased that the Kimchi wasn't fermented enough.

The Kimchi at King Buffet is far better.

Since I'm a huge fan of Kimchi and willing to forgive any transgressions here, I did not waste anything on my plate.

Sushi Paradise

There were more varieties of Sushi at Old Town Buffet than I could count.

I tried a bunch of them (Tokyo Sushi, Chef's Special, Vegetable Sushi, Boston Sushi, Avocado Sushi and Crab Sushi).

I also helped myself to some Wasabi (a green paste kept near the Sushi Rolls).

Old Town Buffet Sushi© DelawareIndia.com
Variety of Sushi Rolls

Be warned that Wasabi has an odd, pungent flavor to it.

Overall, I was not disappointed with the Sushi Rolls. But then I'm rarely disappointed with Sushi Rolls.

If I return to Old Town Buffet it'll be primarily for the Sushi rolls.

Let's get to Ice Creams now, shall we.


In my dictionary, there's no such thing as a bad Ice Cream.

Like its Dover rivals King Buffet and Chinatown Buffet, Old Town Buffet too offers several varieties of Ice Cream as part of its buffet.

I heaped three different flavors of Ice Cream (French Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate) in my cup.

Old Town Buffet Desserts © DelawareIndia.com
Chocolate, Strawberry & French Vanilla Ice Cream

And I relished them all although I must say the Strawberry was the best.

Except for its Sushi Rolls, there's not much to recommend Old Town Buffet unless you're a big fan of lots of food at cheap prices.

Tip - BTW, if you're visiting New York City here's a valuable tip for you - the Chinatown bus in Dover starts and stops in front of Old Town Buffet. - © DelawareIndia.com

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