Delaware Pizza, Pan Cakes and Sausage Joints

Artisans Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen
Five Guys (Bear)
IHOP (Dover)
Papa John's Pizza
Stoltzfus Sausage
Taco Bell

IHOP, Dover, DE
Brioche French Toast - Yummy
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21 S Little Creek Rd
Dover, DE 19901
Stoltzfus Sausage, DE
Stoltzfus Sausage
Hey, You Schmucks Like Eating
Pigs' Intestines?

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New Castle Farmers Market
110 N. DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19702
Five Guys Bear DE
Five Guys
What's the Big Deal about Five Guys?
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1249 Quintilio Dr
Bear, DE 19701
Domino's Artisans Pizza
Domino's Artisans Pizza
Artisans Spinach &
Feta Cheese Pizza - Yummy

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Other Delaware Thai and Indian Restaurants

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Wilmington Restaurants - 2
Newark Indian Restaurants
Newark Restaurants - 2
Dover Indian Restaurants
Hockessin Indian Restaurants
Thai, Chinese Restaurants
Mexican Restaurants
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