Stoltzfus Sausage New Castle

Stoltzfus Sausage
New Castle Farmers Market
110 N. DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19702

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Stoltzfus Sausage Store in New Castle Farmers Market

Stoltzfus Sausage New Castle (DE) Review - Hey, You Schmucks Like Eating Pigs' Intestines?

Stoltzfus Sausage New Castle (DE) Review - Hey, You Schmucks Like Eating Pigs' Intestines? Back when we used to live in India, we'd never heard of any restaurant offering hot sausages or hotdogs on the menu.

Neither did the food carts whose mainstay usually was chaat of various kinds.

Our staples at restaurants were Dosa, Idli, Vada, Bisi-bele Bath, Poori, Upma, Pongal and the North Indian curries, of course.

Things might have changed and the menus grown more diverse now that the Coolies have a few pennies jingling in their jetties and Pajamas (thanks to the outsourcing crumbs we've thrown their way) and hanker for greater variety in their cuisine.

But in the U.S. hot sausages and hotdogs are fairly ubiquitous.

You find them in the farmers markets that you see in the smaller towns and cities across America and in the supermarket shelves (hotdogs) and convenience stores (7-11 used to sell hotdogs, not sure if they still do).

We've been digging into hot sausages here at the New Castle Farmers Market (DE) at the RT-13 and Rt-273 intersection for over a decade now.

Stoltzfus SausageHot Sausage with Onion, Green Pepper,
Red Sauce & Mayonnaise
Indians here, for some reason, shy away from eating hot sausages.

Hindus, who comprise the majority of Indian immigrants in the U.S., presumably find food from both the cow and pig abhorrent.

In over a decade of eating hot sausages at the Stoltzfus Sausage in the New Castle Farmers Market (DE), we've never seen Indians eating these delights. The few Indians who've passed by the store on the way to the Chinese vegetable market throw a surprised, can't-believe-my-eyes look when they used to see us happily ensconced on the tall stools digging into the sausages.

Well, the schmucks have no idea what they're missing.

But not for us such squeamish sentiments as the Holy Cow or Dirty Pig.

Anything that walks, flies or swims is fair game to us. Fair game, yes. ;)

Stoltzfus SausageVegetable Fritters, Hot Sausage, Ice Cream & Fries
The sausages at the New Castle Farmers Market on RT-13 come in two main varieties - Hot and Mild.

All our life, we've preferred our stuff Hot. ;) So, not surprisingly we've always asked for the Hot Sausage, which comes with grilled onions, green peppers and red sauce.

At the Stoltzfus Sausage store, where there's always a line, the sausages are cooked on a contraption in front of you and are obviously fresh.

The sausages are placed in a roll along with the onions, green pepper and red sauce and cost about $4. We usually add some mayonnaise and a few drops of hot red sauce to give it a kick.

A quick call to the store confirmed that the insides of the sausage consists of pork and beef and the outer casing is made of pigs' intestines. Apparently, the store procures the sausage from a butcher shop in the Farmers' Market.

The sausages are a well-cooked brown in the middle, tending toward black at the edges.

They are juicy but not that juicy, spicy but not that spicy but flavorful. Just not as devilishly flavorful as in the past.

During our recent visit (after a gap of about a year or so), we weren't too pleased to see less onions and green peppers than we'd usually see in our roll.

Also, the young white teenager who made our hot sausage was curt, borderline rude.

Besides sausages, Stoltzfus Sausage also offers fries and Vegetable Fritters.

The Fries were not in the least crisp and an utter waste of money.

Vegetable Fritters, on the other hand, were decent. Our paper bowl contained several varieties of fritters - corn, cauliflower, broccoli, onion rings, potato wedges and mushroom.

The fritters come with a dressing. We picked our usual Ranch dressing.

The taste of the fritters hasn't changed over the years. Onion rings were crisp, potato wedges were tasty and had a layer of paprika or chili powder, corn fritters were crisp on the outside, broccoli and cauliflower varieties were alright too.

Only the Mushroom Fritters gave us pause as it seemed overcooked inside and we just kept it aside.

In case you are the kind that lives for details, the fritters appeared to have been made with corn flour or all purpose flour rather than the chick peas flour that finds favor with Indians in the preparation of Pakoras.

We topped off our visit with a cup of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Well, it's hard to screw that up. They were fine without that chemical after-taste from the brands you find in the supermarket freezers. recommends the hot sausages at Stoltzfus Sausage store at the New Castle Farmers Market (DE) on Rt-13. The store is open Fridays and Saturdays from 9AM-9PM. - ©

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