Domino's New Artisan Spinach & Feta Pizza - Decent

We like crappy pizzas.

That's why we gobble up Domino's pizza, gorge on Papa John's mess and gormandize at the forlorn Pizza Hut buffet.

So, when we espied an ad for Domino's new Artisan Pizza today it didn't take us long to fire up our Firefox 7 browser and order a Spinach & Feta Artisan Pizza before you could say Sonam Kapoor.

By the time, we took a shower and went to the dying United States Post Officeto drop off our Netflix DVD (Cell 211, a Spanish film that we may or may not review) our Artisans Pizza was ready.

$7.99 changed hands and we were handed a rectangular pizza box. Rather small compared to Domino's regular square pizza box.

On the way back home, we made a quick stop at the local Gujju liquor store to pick up some good ol' Guinness Extra Stout Beer ($2.99).

What's a Pizza without some beer, eh?

Anon, we were home and crunching into our thin crust Domino's Artisan Spinach & Feta Pizza.

Dominos Spinach & Feta Artisans Pizza - YummyDomino's Artisan Spinach & Feta Pizza - Yummy
Hey, the Domino's Spinach & Feta Artisan Pizza is a decent pizza.

None of that crappy, vomit-inducing cheese that you usually encounter on Domino's pizzas.

If you believe the Domino's web site, our pizza includes Alfredo sauce, feta and Parmesan-Asiago cheeses, fresh baby spinach and onion toppings on an artisan-style crust.

Some weirdo at Domino's has measured the Artisan Pizza at 13" x 9" and we'll take his word.

The cheese quality on the rectangular Artisan Pizza (8-slices) was more than acceptable and the Feta Cheese added a nice flavor to it.

Fortunately, the spinach topping did not have the taste of some chemicals sprayed on them just before being shoved into the oven.

Onion flavor was muted and the taste of spinach and Feta cheese was dominant.

With the Guinness, it was delicious.

Well, the edges were a little hard and to this gluttonous desi at least a lot of the pizza surface area was naked. :(

Our whining aside, Domino's Artisan Spinach & Feta Pizza was a good chain-store pizza but at $7.99 it's a RIPOFF for eight small pieces.

Our suggested price for the Domino's Artisan Spinach & Feta Pizza - $5.99.

Domino's, are you listening? - ©

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