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Bangkok Thai Cuisine

266 S Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901

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Bangkok Thai Cuisine  Dover Review

Bangkok Thai Dover: Delicious Thai Pineapple Curry

We're like the man who has the hot trophy wife at home but still can't resist ogling at a young babe crossing the street.

The other day as we were driving on Dupont Hwy in Dover, our eyes fell on the Bangkok Thai Cuisine restaurant.

Located in the the Dover Mart complex, Bangkok Thai Cuisine restaurant is sandwiched between Cash Advance America on the right and Murry's Store on the left.

After a quick glance at the lunch specials posted on the glass window, we marched in to explore the magic of Thai cuisine.

Bangkok Thai Cuisine is a small restaurant with 11 tables.

We were warmly greeted by an ebullient young waitress and given the choice of any vacant table.

She quickly brought us the regular menu as well as the lunch specials menu and enquired about our drink choice. Upon stating plain water, the waitress checked whether we want water with ice or without ice. So far so good and we patted ourselves for finding a restaurant with decent service and eagerly pored over the lunch specials menu.

Bangkok Thai Lunch Specials Price Range
Bangkok Thai Cuisine offers two types of Lunch Specials distinguished solely by the price.

The first priced at $7.95 covers Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu and Vegetarian and comes with soup and an entree.

The second priced at $9.95 and covers Shrimp and Seafood specials for soup and an entree.

We opted for Chicken and Vegetarian specials for $7.95 each.

We ordered Drunken Noodles with Chicken Soup and Pineapple Curry with Tofu Soup.

Being Indians, we requested our waitress to make both entrees hot as in spicy hot.

The Soups
Our Tofu Soup and Chicken Soup arrived piping hot within five minutes.

Bangkok Thai Cuisine Tofu Soup
Bangkok Thai Tofu Soup
Bangkok Thai Cuisine Chicken Soup
Bangkok Thai Chicken Soup
Both Tofu and Chicken Soup are clear soups with cooked rice granules at the bottom and sliced Green Onion. Tofu Soup had tiny cubes of Tofu and the Chicken Soup came with tiny pieces of Chicken.

No issues folks.

The Entrees
As we were finishing up the soups, our entrees Drunken Noodles and Pineapple Curry arrived, once again piping hot.

Our first thought was, Boy, these portions are large, particularly the Drunken Noodles.

Pineapple Curry came with rice on the side.

Yummy, Spicy Pineapple Curry
To describe Bangkok Thai Cuisine's Pineapple Curry as yummy would be a gross understatement.

Guys, the Pineapple Curry was nonpareil and never such a delicious, heavenly, spicy Pineapple curry made contact with our taste buds.

If you think the Pineapple Gojju common at Kannadiga weddings and restaurants like Hoysala in Somerset, NJ is the ultimate Pineapple curry. You are so wrong, dear reader. The only way to understand the difference is to eat both.

Bangkok Thai Spicy Pineapple Curry
Delicious Bangkok Thai Pineapple Curry

There are several reasons why Bangkok Thai Cuisine version of Pineapple Curry is the King of Pineapple curries:

Good Drunken Noodles
Along with our Pineapple Curry, we also got our plate of Drunken Noodles.

Drunken Noodles included wide rice noodles with Green Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Ridged Carrot and Chicken pieces.

Bangkok Thai Good Drunken Noodles
Good Drunken Noodles

Unlike Pineapple Curry, Drunken Noodles was not that spicy.

It was still flavorful though. Since our Indian palate demanded a higher-spice level, we requested our waitress for hot sauces. Soon the hot sauces arrived in a platter with small cups consisting of Red Chilly Paste, Crushed Red Peppers, Salt, Pepper Powder and Sliced Red Peppers floating in thin watery sauce.

Bangkok Thai Hot Sauce Tray
Fish Curry Sauce with Red Peppers (bottom)

No sooner did the hot sauces arrive than we pounced on the Red Chilly Paste and Sliced Red Peppers in Watery Sauce.

Voila, that was it. The taste of Drunken Noodles got enhanced so much that we dropped several small spoons of the hot sauces on the Drunken Noodles until another diner asked for the hot sauces tray. It was odd that the restaurant had only a few trays of hot sauces.

Pleased with ourselves for adding a spicy kick to our noodles, we scrapped the plate clean.

Giving thanks to the restaurant staff, we marched out into the chilly Dover afternoon vowing to return to Bangkok Thai soon.

Bangkok Thai Cuisine - Rating
Price Range - Under $8.00 combo Chicken, Pork, Beef, Veg lunch specials
Food Taste - Good to Delicious with option of custom spice level
Serving Size - Sumptuous, filling
Service - Overall polite
Vegetarians/Vegans - Check with staff for ingredients

All in all Bangkok Thai Cuisine on South Dupont Hwy in Dover, DE serves fine Thai Curries accompanied by polite service.

We, however, do not recommend Bangkok Thai Cuisine to those of you who are pure vegetarians and vegan diners. You see though there were no issues with our Vegetarian curry order, the hot sauce cups have no labels indicating whether they are vegetarian or non-vegetarian sauces.

Appearances can be deceptive sometimes and the spicy delicious Sliced Red Peppers in thin watery sauce turned out to be a Fish Sauce with Red Peppers. In the absence of labels or ingredients there is no way of figuring it out unless you ask the staff. But during our visit there was just one waitress and the restaurant was attracting a steady stream of diners. We never got a chance to find out until the waitress came to our table to get the hot sauce tray.

So if you are a vegetarian/vegan diner we recommend you make sure of the ingredients by asking the Bangkok Thai staff.

As for us, we can't wait to return. - ©

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