India Grille Wilmington Indian Restaurant

India Grille

3456 Naamans Road
Wilmington, DE 19810

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India Grille Wilmington DE

India Grille Wilmington: Fake Indian Restaurant

All ye schmucks, get this straight now - Just because a restaurant has the word 'India' in its name does not make it a real Indian restaurant.

Inserting the word India into their names is just one more ruse in the vast arsenal of dirty tricks that a lot of crappy Indian restaurants deploy to bamboozle unsuspecting diners into visiting their dumps.

India Grille on Naamans Road in Wilmington, Delaware is one such trickster.

As if using the word 'India' were not bad enough, this impostor even adds the word 'authentic' tag on the signboard (see picture above). Oh, the cheek, the gall of the shysters.

India Grille - Hellishly Awful food

Be it the meat dishes, the vegeterian fare or the desserts, most of what we tasted at India Grille was inedible and not for human consumption.

In long years of eating Tandoori Chicken, we can't ever recollect this popular dish being so horrible. One bite into the garish pink colored dish and it took a Herculean effort not to throw up.

Not in the least marinated and not in the least fresh, the Tandoori Chicken tasted as if it were prepared when those hulking dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

Chicken Makhani in a not-so-thick flavorless sauce compounded our disappointment.

Ground Beef with Alu (potato) Curry was the sole flavorful dish on the meat side. Beef is not usually served at India Grille but since it was the occassion of the Muslim festival Id, the restaurant owners had laid out the Beef curry.

Naan Bread was way too thick and incompletely cooked in the middle. The cut pieces of Batura were also way too thick and cold.

Not Mulligatawny

Mulligatawny soup was barely luke warm and lacked the pungent flavor of black pepper. It tasted more like watery dal with chopped cilantro seasoning rather than the Indian version of real Mulligatawny soup.

Spinach, Potato Pakora was crisp but again like Mulligatawny soup were not even luke warm.

Vegetable Rice showed no trace of any vegetables in it while Mixed Vegetable Curry was too sour. Kadhi Pakora was a letdown because the medium-thick yellowish gravy was unappetizing. Channa Masala had very little gravy and was flavorless.

Dal Spinach seemed like it had been rushed out of the kitchen by a harried chef without adding any seasoning.

Bad, Sugarless Desserts

With a sweet tooth that growing years has not diminished, we are gluttons for all things sweet.

And given our immense disappointment with the food, we prayed that desserts at least would provide some solace.

Alas, we had no such luck. We hit a big pothole again. The two sweets we tried at India Grille - Gulab Jamun and Rice Kheer were both depressingly bad. Gulab Jamun was also incompletely cooked with the taste of raw flavor inside and the syrup was low on sugar.

Rice Kheer was another sugarless dessert and, worse, had a piece of hair in it presumably because the chef was not wearing a hair-restraint.

Dirty Dessert Cups

Several dessert cups at India Grille were not washed properly and had large stains in them.

Our waitress was prompt in removing our finished plates and filling the water glasses but with food so bad we are not inclined to give her brownie points.

Overall, India Grille in Wilmington is yet another Indian restaurant in Delaware serving up trashy Indian food to American diners in the hope that they are too ignorant of genuine Indian cuisine to notice the difference. - ©

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