Kabab Korner Dover Buffet

Kabab Korner
706-A N Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901

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Kabab Korner Restaurant

Kabab Korner Buffet Dover: Mighty Disappointing Food

It's with considerable distress that we hand out a F for Fail grade for Dover-based Kabob Korner's recently introduced buffet.

We were among the first to compliment Kabab Korner when the restaurant opened last year on Rt-13 in Dover, DE, mainly as a takeout place with a couple of tables.

Again, when Kabob Korner rolled out its buffet by expanding its premises we were among the first to try it out.

So when much of what we sampled at the Kabob Korner buffer turned out to be a mighty disappointment, we were deeply disturbed that this Indian restaurant in Dover should fall so low so fast.

Kabab Korner Lunch Buffet

We entered Kabob Korner's buffet room the other day nourishing high hopes of spicy curries, nice Indian-Chinese food and some juicy Kabobs.

A pleasant, energetic waitress greeted us at the door and we were quickly shown to a table. A good sign as most Indian restaurants are lacking in the service department.

Salivating over the prospect of a delicious meal, we quickly made our way to the Buffet counter in the adjacent room. We had to pick through a bunch of plates before finding one without black dust spots.

No Kababs, Limited Selection at Kabab Korner Buffet

We started at one end of the buffet table - the label on the first dish said Chicken Curry. The second was Tandoori Chicken, and the third Chicken Tikka Masala, followed by Mutter Paneer, Rajma, Vegetable Pakora, Channa Masala, Naan Bread and Pulao Rice. There was a salad bar at the other end.

What a shame, there were no Kabobs or any Indian-Chinese items like Chicken Manchurian or Gobi Manchurian. Despite our disappointment, like brave uncomplaining soldiers we marched ahead and filled our plate with some of the items and headed back to our table.

By this time our energetic, smiling waitress Muriel had left water in dark red glasses, straws and silverware neatly wrapped in a napkin. But there was no knife leaving us to wonder how we were going to cut the Chicken pieces in Chicken Curry and eat it. After failing to make much headway with the spoon and fork, we requested our waitress for a knife.

Kabab Korner - Mostly Disappointing Food

Whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, much of the food we tasted at Kabab Korner Buffet was so awful that they brought tears to our Indian eyes.

If the Kabab Korner people served the kind of food they put out in their buffet in any Indian city, the diners would lynch them for cheating.

Like the Kabab Korner people, we too hail from South India and if there's anything we know in life it's Indian food!

Kabab Korner's Chicken Curry set in a mustard color watery gravy was an utter travesty, not in the least bit spicy or flavorful.

Kabab Korner Chicken Curry, Rajma
Flavorless Chicken Curry & Rajma
Kabab Korner Tandoori Chicken
Badly Charred Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken was of uneven quality. The first piece was badly charred but the marination was okayish. Sadly, the second piece we tasted was poorly marinated and had a rawish taste. Overall, a disappointment.

Rajma was nothing but an overcooked pasty mass of red beans without any seasoning or flavor. Terrible.

Mutter Paneer, though it had a creamy texture, tasted more like a sweet dessert rather than a curry. Absent the magic of spices, we just could not relish it even one bit.

Kabab Korner Mutter Paneer
Sweetish Mutter Paneer and Soft Pakoras
Kabab Korner Chicken Tikka Masala
Delicious Chicken Tikka Masala
Channa Masala had the texture and taste of Channa suitable for mixing it with Chaats like Samosa Chaat or Papdi Chaat rather than as an entree with Naan bread or Pulao rice. Like Rajma, it was a pasty overcooked light brown color mess with raw onion slices sprinkled on it.

Vegetable Pakoras (appetizer) were tasty but way too soft and barely lukewarm. You see Pakoras are usually crisp and served hot. What made the Pakoras worse was the absence of the tangy, spicy green chutney accompaniment that make the experience of eating them memorable.

Chicken Tikka Masala - Sole Saving Grace

The sole saving grace of our otherwise disastrous Kabab Korner Buffet was the Chicken Tikka Masala.

Set in a strawberry pink color sauce with green peppers, fried onions and well cooked in the Tandoor, Kabab Korner's Chicken Tikka Masala was flavorful and delicious with both Naan bread and Pulao Rice.

Fine Kheer

Besides the Chicken Tikka Masala, the only other item we enjoyed at Kabab Korner Buffet was the Kheer. Neither too thick nor watery, the Kheer was delicious.

Kabab Korner Kheer
Fine Kheer

Overall Nice Service

Service at Kabab Korner was mostly nice. Used plates were removed promptly and Buffet dishes replenished at regular intervals.

As we were in the middle of our meal yet another waitress Debbie started attending to diners along with Muriel. What concerned us a bit was the occasional odd coughing of Debbie that prompted even the manager to loudly ask her if she was alright. Sick staff should stay at home.

Kabab Korner Dover - Buffet Not Worth It

For the mostly disappointing food we were served, $10.95 for the Kabab Korner buffet is nothing but daylight robbery.

With a great deal of buyers remorse over the disappointing food, we silently returned home cursing our bad Karma.

Bottom Line, Kabab Korner's newly launched buffet is neither tasty nor value for money.

Avoid at all costs. - © DelawareIndia.com

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