Flavor of India Dover

Flavor of India

348 North Dupont Highway
Dover, DE 19901

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Flavor of India Dover Review

Flavor of India Dover: Nice Food; Good Value

We're no strangers to Flavor of India on Dupont Hwy in Dover, DE.

We have been to this Indian restaurant in its previous incarnation as Taste of India as well as in its new avatar of Flavor of India.

Driving on Dupont Hwy the other day, we felt a sudden urge to eat something Indian. Off we went to Flavor of India located in Super 8 hotel premises.

As we entered Flavor of India around noon, the restaurant was empty with just one carryout cusotmer paying the bill.

The near-empty restaurant was a little worrying but we boldly marched inside.

Boy, that was one good move. Much of what we tasted at Flavor of India fell in the good or not bad category.

Wide Choice of Indian Appetizers

We tried a variety of appetizers including Chilli Pakora, Spinach Pakora, Onion Pakora, Batata Vada, Dahi Vada, Sprouted Moong and Chickpeas Salad.

All the appetizers were tasty and crisp. We particularly loved the Spinach Pakoras and Batata Vada for their piquant taste.

Hey in addition to the assorted vegetable pakoras the Sprouted Moong and Chickpeas Salads were also flavorful.

Flavor of India - Chicken and Lamb

The non-vegetarian items on the lunch buffet included Halal Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Makhani, Mango Chicken and Lamb Kofta.

Chicken Makhani was a creamy, flavorful delight that went well with both White Rice and Naan Bread.

Lamb Kofta balls in the semi-thick gravy was alright.

Tandoori Chicken had a smoky flavor but could have done with better marination. Mango Chicken was forgettable with its weird taste.

Decent Vegetable Entrees

All the vegetarian entrees found favour with us whether it was the creamy slightly sweetish Mushroom Peas Curry or flavorful Mixed Vegetable Curry containing Potato, Cauliflower and Beans or the Kadi Pakora with a predominant turmeric powder flavor.

No gripes whatsoever, folks.

Good Garlic Naan Bread

Lunch buffet at Flavor of India comes with a choice of either Garlic Naan or Plain Naan.

Our choice of Garlic Naan bread came hot to the table and sported a very appetizing look with garlic and cilantro garnishing.

The bread was blessedly soft and tasty.

Flavorful Vegetable Biryani, Jeera Rice

The medium spicy Vegetable Biryani with raisins and cashew nut toppings was flavorful.

White Basmati Rice with Jeera seasoning had a freshly prepared texture and was thoroughly relished.

Wide Choice of Desserts

Desserts with Lunch Buffet included Gulab Jamun, Rice Kheer, Fruit Custard, Grapes, Water Melon, Mango Lassi and Masala Tea

Gullab Jamun set in a warm cardomom flavored syrup with right amount of sugar was a treat. Fortunately, none of that rubbery texture or raw flour taste in the middle we often encounter at a lot of Indian restaurants that offer Gulab Jamun.

Rice kheer was nice though we would have enjoyed it better had it been prepared with thicker milk rather than watery milk.

Fruit Custard with Pears, Grapes, Apple was good though we would prefer a tad more sweeter. Yes, the Fruit Custard was low on Sugar.

Mango Lassi was fine and the Water Melon pieces and Grapes were very sweet leaving no room for any complaints.

Masala Tea was piping hot with a strong masala flavor and we liked it so much that we took a second helping.

Decent Service, Hygienic Ambiance, Lukewarm Food

While we enjoyed the food what puzzled us a bit was the lukewarm temperature of most of the food with the sole exception of Masala Tea. Be it the appetizers or entrees or Vegetable Biryani most food items were either lukewarm or cold.

Barring the lukewarm temperature of the food there were no other service snafus at Flavor of India.

We were greeted with a pleasant smile and offered the choice of sitting anywhere we wanted by a medium height waiter (Tony? Owner/Partner?). The silverware was kept neatly on top of a papermat not directly on the table which is a good thing from the hygiene perspective.

Dining plates, dessert bowls, tea cups were all clean. The overall dining room ambiance was pleasant and clean.

All in all the wide array of appetizers, entrees, desserts, salads, beverages, fresh naan bread for $9.95 is definitely a good value for your money.

Pleasant dining room ambiance and polite and prompt service only add to the allure of Flavor of India on Dupont Hwy in Dover Delaware.

We plan to return to Flavor of India soon. - © DelawareIndia.com

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