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Himalaya Wilmington Review

Himalaya Wilmington

2909 1/2 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803

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himalaya wilmington indian restaurant
Restaurant is Closed

Himalaya Wilmington: Unhygienic; Average Indian Food

Thank God, the lifespan of some crappy Indian restaurants in Wilmington - like Mazza for instance - is short.

After giving up the ghost, Mazza was in short order replaced by Himalaya. Yeah, a sibling of the crappy eponymous Indian dump in Newark (DE) that serves spoiled food.

Being curious and ever hungry for Indian food, we made Himalaya Wilmington our port of call recently to see if the restaurant was anything to write home about.

As we walked into Himalaya Wilmington around 1:00PM recently, the dining room wore a deserted look with not a single diner. We were greeted by a tall friendly Caucasian waiter who seeing our uneasy expression over the empty room quickly told us all the tables had been occupied and that the restaurant had just emptied.

He even complimented us on our perfect timing and showed us to a table promptly.


The dining room has the same shitty look as Mazza. The same ugly ten tables, the same drab decor of its predecessor Mazza and even the same Menu.

Bloody Hell, the Himalaya cheapskates had not even bothered to get new Menus printed. How freaking cheap can you get! Heard of Staples, Office Depot or OfficeMax, fellas?

The buffet station was located in the same place as it was during the Mazza incarnation, to the right of the cash register.

The food at the buffet station is still arranged in two rows one behind the other. That means you'll have to stretch your plate and hand across the first row to reach the food in the second row. Not good.

Dining room floor and tables were all clean.

While we did not expect a Taj Mahal like serene ambience at Himalaya Wilmington, what shocked us most was the unhygienic dining room practices and the indifferent attitude of waitstaff to them. More on Himalaya's poor hygiene later.

Himalaya Wilmington - Lunch Buffet Items

As we were checking out the buffet, our waiter informed us that there were four chicken entrees besides an array of vegetarian entrees, appetizer and dessert.

Lunch items at Himalaya Wilmington during our visit included Vegetarian Pakora, Naan, White Rice, Channa Masala, Beans Poriyal, Malai Kofta, Baby Corn Manchurian, Chicken Korma, Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Curry and Gulab Jamun.

Here's the take on the Himalaya Wilmington lunch buffet.

We categorize the lunch items at Himalaya Wilmington Indian restaurant under three categories the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good

himalaya wilmington lunch items
Good Tandoori Chicken (top middle),
Ugly Baby Corn Manchurian (bottom right)
Crisp Naan (bottom left) Salty Pakora (top right)
himalaya wilmington indian restaurant
Tasteless Channa Masala (middle left),
Good Beans Poriyal (middle right), Green Chutney (top)

himalaya wilmington lunch items
Malai Kofta on Rice (top),
Ugly Baby Corn Manchurian (middle left)
himalaya wilmington indian restaurant
Slightly Salty Malai Kofta in a Bowl

The Bad

himalaya wilmington lunch items
Good Chicken Korma (top),
So, So Chicken Biryani (bottom)
himalaya wilmington indian restaurant
Salty Chicken Curry (bottom),
Salty Pakora (middle right)